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December 27th 2015, Divinity’s Reach, EU Region!

Divinity’s Reach

This event is open for anyone and everyone who is part of the Guild Wars 2 community so keep that afternoon free in your agenda and join us in Divinity’s Reach!

Don't miss a single moment and check our schedule for events!

The party will begin at 2:30 PM CET and we have a whole schedule packed with fun mini games, so make sure you don’t miss a single moment.

If mini games are really not your thing come socialize and have fun with our amazing community and our Guild. There will still be plenty for you to do, such as interacting with our boxes of fun which are as the title suggests, really fun! Or you may want to set off some fireworks and make Divinity’s Reach look gorgeous.

If socializing isn’t your thing either we will have buffs from banners and a guild banquet for you to enjoy before heading back out to enjoy the game.

Do keep in mind that all times are subject to change with the length of other events.

Join us on TeamSpeak and win a precursor!

We will have exclusive TeamSpeak only giveaways with a wide range of prizes, among them even a precursor weapon! So make sure to join our TeamSpeak on voip.jade-reapers.com, talk, laugh, listen to music and who knows…you might be the lucky winner!

It's Wintersday after all!

During the whole event officers and veterans from the Jade Reapers will be mailing out Wintersday gifts to everybody at the party!